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    The RCO-3000-CFL, Extremely Compact, Powerful, and Versatile Industrial Computer!


    C&T solution Inc. releases its cutting-edge small form factor (SFF) industrial PC, the RCO-3000-CFL. This extremely compact fanless industrial PC featuring 9th Gen Intel CFL-R S processors with Q370 chipset support. The RCO-3000-CFL offers compact, rugged, and robust industrial designs suitable for space-constraint industrial deployments. In addition, the RCO-3000-CFL series is proven to bring an entirely new approach to performance acceleration at the edge. 
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    Evolving at the Edge 


    Industry 4.0 has been transforming business, improving efficiency, and productivity. Therefore, RCO-3000-CFL is a purpose-built rugged computing hardware that supports rich processing, future-ready storage technology, and rapid connectivity. The RCO-3000-CFL enables real-time insights, ultra-low latency responsiveness, workload consolidation, and nimble automation capabilities close to the source of data generation. 
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    Key Features of C&T RCO-3000-CFL  

    • Multicore socket type CPU compatible with 8th/9th Gen Intel® CFL-R S Processors. 

    • DDR4 Memory 2666MHz up to 64GBs 

    • Intel® UHD Graphics 630 

    • 1x 2.5” Removable SATA HDD Bay with RAID 0, 1, 5 Support and 1x2.5” Internal SATA HDD 

    • 1x mSATA (shared by 1x Mini PCIe) 

    • Rich I/O and PCIe expansion for smooth workload consolidation and system integration. 

    • Wide Operating Temperature: -25°C to 60°C 

    • Compact size and industrial-grade design 

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    Key Applications of the RCO-3000-CFL  


    Why C&T?  

    C&T is a global solution provider that has been designing and manufacturing top-grade industrial computers. Each of C&T’s solutions is carefully tested and validated to guarantee reliability, durability, and longevity to withstand the demanding industrial environments. Moreover, C&T has always been the innovative computing solution for it has succeeded on providing the latest high-end technology for many industrial applications. If you need assistance to find world-class industrial solutions, click here to contact us.

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