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    COMPUTEX 2024 Wraps Up: A Showcase of AI Innovation



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    COMPUTEX 2024 concluded on a high note, emphasizing its theme "Connecting AI" and hosting an impressive turnout of 85,179 ICT professionals from around the globe. This year’s significant growth and the presence of technology giants such as AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA highlighted Taiwan’s integral role in the global tech landscape, driving economic growth and reinforcing its status as a hub for technological innovation.

    Highlights at COMPUTEX 2024: 

    • Key insights from Semiconductor Giants 
    • The Rise of Generative AI and LLM in Edge Computing
    • COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2024

    Semiconductor Giants Propel AI Integration with Cutting-Edge Processor

    The central theme of Computex 2024 was 'connecting AI', focusing heavily on 'big AI'. Keynotes by major industry players like Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm showcased their latest technologies, products, and strategic roadmaps. Each company aimed to surpass the others in demonstrating superior performance metrics, specifically in terms of performance per Watt and TOPS (trillions of operations per second).

    Nvidia's "Accelerate Everything": Jensen Huang from Nvidia reinforced the transformative potential of accelerated computing, which he describes as a sustainable computing revolution. The newly introduced Rubin platform, featuring new GPUs and Arm-based CPUs, aims to drastically enhance AI application development efficiency across various platforms.

    AMD's AI Advances: Dr. Lisa Su of AMD showcased the Ryzen AI 300 Series, offering 50 TOPS NPU performance, and the new Instinct MI325X accelerator, emphasizing their powerful AI capabilities and efficiency in mobile and server processors.

    Intel's Efficient Computing: Intel, led by Pat Gelsinger, introduced the Xeon 6 processors and the Lunar Lake architecture, focusing on maximizing performance per watt with advanced computing cores and AI-enhanced graphics. The Xe2 GPU within the Lunar Lake architecture provides 60 TOPS, while the NPU offers up to 48 TOPS performance.

    Qualcomm's AI-Enhanced PCs: Cristiano Amon announced the rebirth of the PC era with Snapdragon X Elite with 45 TOPS performance, integrating high-performance AI capabilities directly into the chipset for enhanced PC experiences. 

    These developments underline a significant shift towards embedding AI directly into semiconductor technologies, enhancing performance and energy efficiency.



    Beyond Machine Vision: The Rise of Generative AI and LLMs in Edge Computing

    Edge AI is rapidly expanding beyond machine vision to incorporate generative AI and large language models (LLMs), a development that has accelerated over the past year. This broadening of capabilities allows for more complex, localized data processing tasks like content generation and natural language understanding directly on edge devices. This shift underscores the growing need for robust industrial computers, which are essential to handle the increased computational demands and real-time processing requirements of advanced edge AI applications. These industrial systems facilitate the integration of AI into various sectors, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling smarter, autonomous decision-making at the edge. 

    The growing interest in advanced Edge AI capabilities beyond machine vision was evident at C&T's booth, where numerous visitors expressed their need for sophisticated AI solutions. We responded enthusiastically by showcasing our range of edge AI solutions tailored to meet these demands, demonstrating our commitment to smarter, autonomous system integration across industries.

    Download our showcased products PDF here: C&T Product Showcase.


    COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2024


    C&T wins BC Award 2024

    C&T's Executive VP (right) receving the award from Taiwan's President Lai (left) at COMPUTEX 2024 on June 4, 2024.

    Celebrating over 20 years as a crucial procurement guide, the Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX 2024 (BC Award) highlighted winners in various categories, including Golden Award, Sustainable Tech Special Award, and Category Award. The BC Award has recognized C&T Solution for its ECO-1000 Supercapacitor UPS, awarding it the Sustainable Tech Special Award. ECO-1000 was also featured among other notable winners at the Best Choice Award Pavilion, booth I0307, in the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall.

    Snapshots of C&T at COMPUTEX 2024


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