WCO Series Waterproof Edge Computers

    • IP65/IP67 Waterproof

    • Robust M12 type I/O connection

    • High quality, durability and compact construction.

    • Rugged design for harsh environment.

    • Fanless configuration.

    • Wide range operating temperature.

    • Easy installation and user-friendly development.

    Factory Automation

    Machine Vision

    Military and Defense

    Motion Control

    Digital Surveillance

    Engineered against moisture and dust

    The WCO Series Edge Computers are built with extruded aluminum and heavy-duty metal achieve an extremely air tight rugged enclosure. Extruded aluminum is strong, rust and corrosion-resistant, as well as highly conductive, non-combustible and nonmagnetic. This combines with fanless design and IP65/IP67 rating, the WCO Series expands the limitation of hardware to environment where the normal embedded computer are not suitable to be used. The WCO computers are a great solution for food and beverage processing, outdoor digital signage, surveillance, Military & defense, and automation control where the computers are in constant threat of water splash from all directions to even water immersion.

    IP65 and IP67 enclosures are level 6 in solid object protection. They are dust tight with no dust ingression.

    For IP65, water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure will have no harmful effect. The interior of WCO Series IP65 can be easily accessed to do upgrade installation. For outdoor applications such as digital surveillance, traffic light control, and digital signage are often exposed to changing weather conditions. These edge computers, if they not carefully design to handle all these threats, will not last long. The sun can generate high temperature heat to damage the electrical components. Rain and moisture can slowly seep through the enclosure. Dust can be collected inside the enclosure and create a conductive sludge. However, the WCO Series IP65, with its extruded aluminum enclosure and wide range operating temperature, can expose itself to most weather conditions with no harm.


    To extend the possibility of IP65 applications further, IP67 computers can be immersed into water up to 1 meter for a duration of 30 minutes. For example, flood is the number one weather-related killer in the United States. When there was flood, the computer would mostly be in the water. IP65 computer will not able to handle this type of condition. This is where IP67 shines. Unlike the IP65 model, the WCO Series IP67 enclosure is not easily accessible. These computers need to have special machine operation and technique to ensure a proper enclosure. Achieving IP67 is not an easy task and its application is not common. The WCO Series IP67 is one of the few edge computers that can achieve IP67, capable of providing the best protection to all critical data.

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    • Smart City

    • Agriculture

    • Food Processing

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