Engineered For Rugged And Challenging Deployments

    • Durable Aluminum Alloy Heatsink for Fanless Cooling

    • 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile-U Processors for Low-Power IoT Panel PCs

    • Type 304 Stainless Steel Housing for Durable Corrosion Resistance

    • Industrial M12 Locking I/O Connectors for Water and Dust Resistance

    • Full IP66 for Harsh Environments

    • -10 ~ 60°C Wide Operating Temperature

    • Toughest Multi-Touch Technology and 7H Surface Glass Hardness


    IP66 Water, Dust And Humidity Resistance

    IP66-rated technology withstands aggressive exposure to water and fine pollutants in environments where these conditions are commonplace. The sealed dust-tight enclosure of the waterproof touchscreen computer is designed to resist powerful water jets from any direction, preserving the sensitive components within. IP66 protection shields hardware deployed to drenched and dusty conditions, or subjected to frequent washdowns.

    As Industry 4.0 plunges processing hardware deeper into wet, rugged environments, the WIO series sets the high-water mark for waterproof touchscreen computers. This All-In-One rugged panel pc is deployable for applications in surface and underground mining, heavy industrial HMI, manufacturing, smart city, and smart agriculture.

    Fanless & Cable-Free Design

    Dust-Proof Enclosure

    Full IP66 Protection


    Built-in Speaker

    Fanless Design Extends Panel PC Lifetime

    The WIO Waterproof Touchscreen Computer employs C&T’s alternative cooling heatsink architecture, eliminating a chief failure point in compute hardware: the fan. Heat-expelling chassis fins efficiently regulate the temperature of the internal components while omitting ventilation that could admit contaminants. The passive heat-dispersion technology lends added reliability in severe environments.

    High Performance 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile-U Processors

    Concentrated power from Intel® Core™ processors delivers better application performance for heavier workloads. Edge deployments needing increased computing capabilities benefit from the higher output and optimization that Mobile-U processors provide.

    • Dual-Core CPU with 2.60 to 3.50GHz Frequency Range

    • 15W Thermal Design Power

    • Intel HD Graphics 620 for Ultra HD quality

    • PCIe 3.0 Expansion support

    Exceptional Scratch Resistance

    Wear and tear on display glass can dull, obscure and distort images on industrial panel PCs, reducing their utility and lifespan. The WIO Waterproof Touchscreen Computer features 7H hardness glass that resists cracks, nicks and scratches from tools, debris and sand.

    Resilient, Responsive Touch Technology

    The industrial-grade touchscreen enables intuitive system interaction amid challenging deployments.

    High-Resolution Solution For Challenging Environments

    • Smart Agriculture

      Growing and processing centers rely heavily on data to better tend crops and automate operations. Deploying a waterproof touchscreen computer in the farming environment provides workers a dependable compute solution without concern for heavy water, chemical and dirt exposure.

    • Digital Mines

      Mining has become connected and automated to better protect engineers, the environment and stakeholders’ ROI. Waterproof touchscreen computers bring advanced compute power deep into the earth to enable remote mining operations and automate processes from groundbreaking to site closure.

    • Livestock Management

      Livestock farmers require IoT technology for better record keeping, organizing and analyzing herd data, and RFID scanning. Waterproof touchscreen computers can sustain repeated impacts, temperature extremes, feed dust exposure, animal waste contact and heavy water sprays.

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