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    What Is Nvidia Jetson?


    NVIDIA Jetson is a family of edge AI computing platforms designed to bring the power of artificial intelligence to embedded systems. These compact and energy-efficient platforms feature high-performance GPUs and dedicated AI accelerators, enabling real-time AI inferencing for a wide range of applications. From robotics and autonomous vehicles to smart cameras and industrial IoT, Jetson empowers developers to deploy advanced AI solutions at the edge with ease and efficiency.



    Rugged Fanless

    Maximized Expandability

    Wide Temperature

    Shock And Vibration Resistance

    World Class Certifications

    JCO Series: AI Edge Fanless Industrial Computers

    Jetson AGX Orin

    • Best Edge AI (TOPS) Performance
    • Unmatched I/O Configurations
    • EDGEBoost I/O Technology
    • Certification Ready: UL, FCC, CE

    Jetson Orin NX

    • Mid-Level Edge AI (TOPS) Performance
    • Small Form Factor I/O configuration
    • Certification Ready: UL, FCC, CE

    Jetson Orin Nano

    • Entry-Level Edge AI (TOPS) Performance
    • Ultra-Mini fixed I/O configuration
    • Certification Ready: UL, FCC, CE

    NVIDIA Jetson System On Modules

    Jetson AGX Orin Series

    High Performance

    • Jeton AGX Orin System on Module (32GB/64GB)
    • Up to 275 TOPS AI Performance
    • Low-Power Configurations (15W and 60W)

    Jetson Orin NX Series

    Mid Performance

    • Jeton NX Orin System on Module (16GB/8GB)
    • Up to 100 TOPS AI Performance
    • Low-Power Configurations (10W and 25W)

    Jetson Orin Nano Series

    Entry Performance

    • Jeton Nano Orin System on Module (8GB/4GB)
    • Up to 40 TOPS AI Performance
    • Low-Power Configurations (7W and 15W)

    Benefits Of Nvidia Jetson

    AI Supercomputing at the Edge: Experience unmatched AI performance with Jetson Orin's powerful GPU cores, dedicated AI accelerators, and high-speed connectivity. Perform complex AI inferencing tasks in real-time with ease.

    Next-Generation Architecture: Built on NVIDIA's cutting-edge architecture, Jetson Orin delivers a quantum leap in performance and efficiency, enabling groundbreaking AI applications at the edge.

    Embedded and Energy-Efficient Form Factor: Jetson Orin packs immense computing power into a compact and energy-efficient package, making it perfect for deployment in space-constrained and power-limited environments.

    Scalability and Flexibility: From entry-level to high-performance applications, Jetson Orin offers scalability and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of your project.

    Developer-Friendly Environment: Dive into AI development with confidence. Jetson Orin comes with comprehensive developer tools, SDKs, and libraries, empowering you to accelerate your AI projects.

    Unleash The Potential Of NVIDIA Jetson For Autonomous Systems:

    • Versatile Edge Computing for AI and Machine Learning Inference, Accelerated Data Processing, Video Analytics and Image Processing, and Enhanced Graphics and Visualization
    • Perception with Precision for advanced IoT sensors and cameras
    • Streamlined Software Development: Simplify and accelerate development with Nvidia Jetpack SDK


    AGV & AMR Robotics

    Autonomous vehicles

    Rugged Edge AI

    Manufacturing Automation

    Surveillance and Security

    Self-Service Kiosk

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