Small Form Factor Computer

    With 9th Intel® Core® Processor

    The RCO-3000-CFL industrial PC series deliver powerful multi-core performance supporting 9th Gen Intel® Core socket processors. Fanless engineering and passive cooling technologies provide reliability for the harshest environmental deployments. The RCO-3000-CFL industrial PC is tested under extreme conditions for wide-operating temperatures, wide input voltages, and shock and vibration tolerance. Power Ignition Management ensures safe system boot down after engine shutoff when deployed for in-vehicle applications. TPM 2.0 provides hardware security and enables cybersecurity features for ultimate data encryption.

    Size. Power. Performance.

    Small Yet Powerful In Performance

    The RCO-3000-CFL is designed to be a compact and small form factor (SFF) industrial computer with a high-performance socket type processor design.

    This SFF industrial computer measures in at 7.5” inches in width, 7.7” inches in depth, and only 2.3” inches in height, making it extremely compact for an industrial computer in its size against similar options in the market.


    Fanless Design For Durability and Reliability

    -25° to 60°C
    Wide Operating Temperature


    Modular I/O Options

    MIL-STD-810G 50G Shock
    5 GRMS Vibration


    Data Security TPM 2.0 Supported

    Multicore Socket Type Design

    The RCO-3000-CFL SFF industrial computer enables up to 8 cores of compute power for harsh industrial workloads that require processing and I/O communication.

    • 9th Generation Intel Processors
    • 1151 LGA Socket with Q370 PCH
    • Supports Embedded 35W & 65W Intel Processors (i3, i5, i7)
    • DDR4 Memory 2666MHz up to 64GBs
    • Intel® UHD Graphics 630
    • Blazing Fast I/O


    Modular Daughterboards For I/O Flexibility

    Additional LAN and USB ports are also supported with flexible add-on modules that enables high-speed connections with low-latency data transmission for advanced industrial applications.

    Workload Consolidation Ready

    • Isolated GPIO for automation triggers
    • Digital and Analog I/O in high-speed USB and Serial Analog
    • Power Ignition Management for in-vehicle and intelligent transportation

    Hot Swappable And Tooless SSD Tray

    • 1x Hotswap 2.5" SATA HDD Bay (support H=7mm)
    • 1x Internal 2.5" SATA HDD Bay (support H=9mm)
    • Support RAID 0, 1, 5

    Wireless Connectivity For Edge Telemetry

    The RCO-3000-CFL Series enables seamless wireless connectivity for remote and mobile edge deployments.

    • 2x SIM sockets for 4G/LTE
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth

    PCIe Expansion(RCO-3000-CFL-2)

    The RCO-3000-CFL-2 supports rear PCIe expansion slots
    with x2 PCIe x16 (8-lane) slots for additional add-in cards.

    Industrial PC Powers Automation and Intelligent Computing

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