Fanless Mini PC for Industrial Edge IoT


    RCO-1000-EHL Series with Intel Atom® x6425E Processors (Elkhart Lake)

    The RCO-1000-EHL Series is an ultra-rugged fanless mini computer with Intel® Atom® x6425E SoC that delivers unmatched durability and edge computing performance, specifically built for the industrial IoT and edge AI computing.

    • Support Intel Atom™/Celeron® Processor
    • Wide Operating Temperature (-40°C to 70°C)
    • MIL-STD-810G Compliant (50G Shock & 5Grms Vibration)
    • Dual SIM for 4G/5G Cellular
    • Power Ignition Management
    • Built-in CAN Bus

    Fanless & Cableless Design

    Wide Temperature


    Modular I/O Expansion

    Shock And VibrationResistance


    TPM 2.0 Security

    Deploy RCO-1000-EHL at the Front-Line of Industry 4.0

    World Class Certifications. World-Class Products

    Edge deployments applications are often exposed to harsh industrial and environmental conditions, demanding mission-critical operational reliability. UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certifications provide an added layer of assurance and peace of mind for end users seeking an edge computing solution that has undergone thorough testing and validation for safety and standard compliance. C&T, a leader in rugged edge computing, provides a complete UL certification for our hardened and rugged portfolio of industrial computers for enhanced safety and quality.


    Compatible With Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Accelerators

    The RCO-1000-EHL Series integrates Hailo-8 AI Accelerators to enable real-time AI inferencing at the rugged edge. The RCO-1000-EHL utilizes purpose-built EDGEBoost technologies to deliver tailored edge computing solutions for high specification Industry 4.0 applications.

    Utilizes high-speed M.2 acceleration for maximized edge performance.

    • Supports 1x Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Accelerators (26 TOPS)
    • 1x M.2 B-Key, PCIe x1 (On-Board)

    Industrial Grade Design

    The RCO-1000-EHL Series can withstand extreme industrial environments while maintaining its performance and reliability.

    • Wide Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
    • 50G Shock & 5Grms Vibration (MIL-STD-810G Compliance)
    • Wide Voltage Input: 9VDC-36VDC Input
    • Over Current & Over Voltage Protection



    High-Speed I/O Ports and 4K Display

    The RCO-1000-EHL now supports more high-speed I/O ports for more demanding IIoT edge applications.

    • 2.5Gb Ethernet
    • USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps)
    • True 4K Dual Independent DisplayPort



    Modular and Customizable I/O

    One of the advantages of the RCO-1000-EHL Series is its customizable and scalable universal I/O brackets through C&T’s proprietary PCIe 3.0 pins design. The RCO-1000-EHL Series is scalable up to 3x Universal I/O Brackets.

    • Faster Time-to-Market
    • Flexibility & Scalability
    • Modular I/O Configurations
    • Quick Maintenance & Upgradability



    Edge AI Ready

    The RCO-1000-EHL empowers AI intelligence at the rugged edge by featuring the Hailo-8™ M.2 module. The Hailo-8™ AI processor is an AI accelerator that delivers data center-class performance to execute deep learning inferencing in real-time while maintaining low power consumption and compact M.2 form factor.

    Mobile IoT Data Telemetry


    The system features an external Dual-SIM socket compatible with 5G cellular connectivity through a modular add-in card. The 5G module supports the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and eSIM features for autonomous geo-spatial positioning and cellular redundancy.

    • 5G, 4G/LTE
    • Wi-Fi 6
    • Bluetooth 5

    Built-In CAN Bus For In-Vehicle Communication


    The embedded CAN bus (Controller Area Network) allows the RCO-1000-EHL to communicate directly with other machines and network devices, reducing the need for a host computer and simplifying cable routing.

    Power Ignition Management


    The RCO-1000-EHL Series has an optional power ignition module for ignition sensing and management. The power ignition management delays the system shutdown after engine shutoff for a pre-determined time interval.

     Flexible Mounting


    The RCO-1000-EHL supports various mounting configurations, including a Side mount, VESA mount, Wall mount, and an optional DIN-Rail mount. The ultra-rugged design, ultra-compact form factor, and flexible mounting options enable the new RCO-1000-EHL Series to be ready for industrial IoT deployments anywhere.


    Wall Mount

    Side Mount

    DIN Mount

    Vesa Mount

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