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    There have been various innovations across disruptive technologies in the transportation industries within the past several years, such as autonomous driving, vehicle telematics, and many more. Many of these innovations required a ruggedized computer known for its reliability, durability, and longevity. In addition, a ruggedized computer can withstand harsh and extreme environments where commercial computers fail. Deployments at moving transportation can bring up various challenges that are only suitable for harsh, rugged computers. Therefore C&T Solutions offers an entire hardware solution for smart transportation applications. 


    The Edgeboost nodes

    Introducing the most intelligent, expandable, and configurable rugged PC.Powerfully engineered and designed to meet diverse demands of smart transportation applications.


    Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS

    C&T provides AI EDGE Inference computers specially built for intelligent applications that are intense computing from various accelerators, including powerful GPUs, high-speed NVMe SSDs, and 5G technology. For example, autonomous Vehicle Systems and Driver Assitance Systems (ADAS) requires massive real-world data from various high-resolution cameras and vehicle sensors to train the AI algorithms. C&T leverages its robust EDGEBoost Nodes Computers to optimize powerful multi-core processors, ultra-fast NVMe SSDs, GPU acceleration, and high-speed connectivity. Moreover, the industrial-grade design ensures reliable deployments at the rugged edge. 



    Certification Ready


    C&T provides intelligent industrial solutions that are certified and comply with in-vehicle and railwaystandards for safety and to support our global customers across the globe.


    CE, FCC
    Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) compliance - health & safety protection

    EMC Conformity
    Electromagentic Compatibility (EMC) between electrical devices.

    For all vehicles and electronics subassemblies

    Railway Compliance
    EN50155, EN50121-3-2


    Smart Transportation Industrial Computers


    RCO-6000 Series 

    Deploy machine learning and run proven inference detection with ruggedized computing solutions purpose-built to deliver the highest-performance in processing (CPU & GPU), NVMe storage, and advanced connectivity.


    • Supports Intel® 9th Gen. CFL-R S Processors and Q370 chipset
    • Innovative NVMe support via lockable and hot swappable cannister bricks
    • High-speed IoT via 10GbE, 5G, USB 3.2 Gen 2
    • Data immediacy for reflexive hyperintelligence
    • Module EDGEBoost Nodes for Inference and Machine Learning
    • Power Ignition Management for in-vehicle settings
    • Ruggedized Design for Harsh IoT Deployments


    ACO-6000 Series 

    Purpose-built and compliant for intelligent transportation and automotive applications requiring strict compliance for in-vehicle computing hardware.


    • Compact in-vehicle fanless computer with high performance
    • Support Intel® Core™ 6th/7th generation processors 
    • High Performance
    • Built-in ignition on delay control and battery voltage monitoring 
    • Support up to 18x LAN, 16x PoE
    • CAN Bus Transportation Protocol RAID 5 for storage protection
    • Certified with CE, FCC, E-Mark, EMC Conformity, EN50155 & 50121-3-2




    Purpose-built computing hardware to meet the toughest demands in rugged, mobile, and remote applications that require decentralized processing as close to data generation.


    • Available in superior computing performance and low power segment (Supports 5th/6th/7th Gen Intel® Core® Processors)
    • Designed for vertical market application
    • Power ignition management built-in
    • Certification ready
    • Fanless & Cable-less design
    • Extreme high I/O flexibility enabled by unique modular design
    • Wide range power input supporting AT/ATX modes
    • Extended operating temperature support



    Case Study: Railway Signaling and Surveillance

    This case study shows how robust industrial computers help the railway company to advance its signaling capabilities with a more modern approach that also opens the potential for real-time surveillance.


    Case Study: Vehicle Fleet Telematics

    See how C&T deploys fanless mini computers that are capable of handling multiple IoT sensors and powerful computing software. These rugged mini computers play a ciritcal role in the future of intelligent transportation markets.


    Why Partner With C&T Solution?


    Here at C&T, we provide engineering experts to help you choose the best technologies for your complex and highly specialized industrial IoT applications. With years of experience in designing and manufacturing rugged computing solutions for enterprises, we are confident our expertise will completely transform your businesses for the better. We'll provide you with advanced solutions for your smart transportation applications.
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