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    New Release! ACO-6000-CML Fanless In-Vehicle Computer Series with EN50155 Certification

    New ACO-6000-CML Series
    New Fanless In-Vehicle Computer wIntel® 10th Generation Comet Lake S and Xeon® W processors.
    Key Features
    - Intel® 10th Gen Core and Xeon-W processors with W480E chipset
    - EN50155 Railway Certification Ready

    - Wide Power Supply Input 9-48VDC and 48-110VDC
    - Support up to 18x LAN, 16x PoE, and 16x USB
    - Built-in CAN Bus Transportation Protocol
    - Power Ignition Management
    - ECC Memory Support
    - 5G Ready

    • Automobile Solutions
    • Railway Applications
    • Edge Surveillance
    High-Performance In-Vehicle Fanless Computer with Scalable I/O
    C&T Solution released its ACO-6000-CML In-Vehicle Computers, supporting Intel® 10th Generation CML-S (Comet Lake S) and Xeon® W processors. This industrial-grade computer is the latest addition to Premio’s railway and in-vehicle (ACO-6000 Series) portfolio of fanless and high-performance embedded designs. The ACO-6000-CML Series In-Vehicle Computer is engineered with versatile technologies that enable powerful processing for workloads that power intelligent automation, machine learning, and even IoT data telemetry. A key benefit of this in-vehicle computer is its EN50155 certification which falls under strict compliance standards for electronic equipment used in rolling stock and railway deployments. To learn more about the ACO-6000-CML in-vehicle computer, read the product brief

    Supercharge The Rugged Edge

    Intelligent transportation systems have become even more significant as transformative technologies process data for machine learning and intelligence at the edge. 


    The ACO-6000-CML Series in-vehicle computers are validated under strict certifications, including E-Mark, CE, FCC, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4, and the EN50155 railway certification.




    EN50155 Railway Certificate

    The ACO-6000-CML Series in-vehicle computers are validated under various strict certifications including the EN50155 railway certification, making it deployment ready for any in-vehicle applications.

    Certifications Included: EN50155, E-Mark, CE & FCC, EMI Conformity: EN50121-4, EN50121-3-2, and Shock & Vibration Resistance (MIL-STD-810G Compliance)

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    A Key Advantage at the Rugged Edge

    A key differentiator for this in-vehicle computer is its I/O scale for its size. The modular design supports up to 4x Universal I/O Brackets for up to 16x ports, a key advantage for connecting IoT sensors at the edge. Available I/Os are: 16x (M12/LAN/PoE/USB Ports, 4x 10GbE LAN/PoE Ports, and 1x Dual-SIM 5G Cellular. 

    Higher Voltage for Railway Deployments

    The EN50155 certification ensures the ACO-6000-CML In-Vehicle Computer Series can support 9-48VDC and 48-110VDC of power supply inputs to cover all voltage levels, including the most common 24V, 72V, and 110V in electronic railway and rolling stock equipment.


    Supercharge Your In-Vehicle Solutions
    with ACO-6000-CML Series

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