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    Industrial Computer PC with CAN Bus

    Industrial Computers with CAN Bus

     Whether you’re looking for information on industrial PCs with CAN Bus or looking to buy industrial computers with CAN Bus support, you’ve come to the right place as we will provide you with everything you need to know about CAN Bus computing solutions and provide you with an excellent source for buying them.

    What is an Industrial PC with CAN Bus? 

    An industrial PC with CAN Bus (or CAN Bus Computer) is a ruggedized, industrial-grade computing solution that can be configured with a CAN Bus module. This module is compatible with CAN 2.0 A/B, which permits the system to tap into a vehicle’s CAN Bus network, the central nervous system of vehicles, connecting the various electrical components of the vehicle to one another and the ECU.

    So, at this point, you might be wondering what is CAN Bus? CAN Bus, commonly known as the Controller Area Network, is the central nervous system of vehicles that connects various components to one another. For example, CAN Bus connects sensors, ABS, airbags, power steering, transmission, and many other vehicle components to each other. The CAN Bus system is used to communicate and broadcast messages among the different vehicle components. The CAN Bus system can be found in not only public road vehicles, such as cars and buses, but can also be found in trucks, buses, tractors, machinery, ships, planes, and many other vehicles.

     CAN Bus Applications on an automobile

    CAN Bus enables communication among the different vehicle components by broadcasting CAN Frames (messages) to the connected devices. If more than one device submits a CAN frame, the highest priority device will continue while the other devices stand down.

    CAN Bus is now standard is most vehicles found on the road. CAN Bus was adopted due its simplicity, low cost, fully centralized architecture, efficiency, easy deployment, and its ability to reduce vehicle weight.

    What Are Some Common CAN Bus Applications?

    Here are some common CAN Bus applications: 

    • Vehicles (Road cars, trucks, motorcycles) 
    • Elevators 
    • Ships 
    • Household Appliances (washing machines and dryers) 
    • Airplanes 
    • Manufacturing plants 
    • Predictive maintenance systems

    What Can C&T’s In-Vehicle Computers With CAN Bus Be Used For?

    C&T’s in-vehicle computers can be used for deployment in vehicles to function as autonomous or ADAS data capture systems, capturing data from a vehicle’s CAN Bus system as well as from various sensors and high-resolution cameras located on vehicles. Additionally, in-vehicle computing solutions equipped with CAN Bus can be used for data telemetry, logging information such as vehicle’s speed, engine RPM, steering wheel angle, and plenty of other useful data.

    Automotives use CAN Bus for ECUs

    That said, when rugged vehicles computers are used as ADAS and autonomous vehicle data capture devices, they are used to connect to CAN Bus to collect and store CAN Bus data as well as data gathered from other sensors, such as Radar, Lidar, and high-resolution cameras. The data that is collected is then used to train machine learning and deep learning models that make autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems possible. Once the model is trained, it’s deployed in vehicle to performance inference analysis on the environment surrounding the vehicle in order to safely guide the vehicle by avoiding obstacles, such as pedestrians and other vehicles.

    When it comes to data telemetry, in vehicle computers can be deployed in vehicles to collect vehicle data, such as vehicle position, log vehicle maintenance, vehicle speed, driving distance, and a variety of other use information that can be used to fleet operators to perform predictive maintenance and better operate their vehicle fleets. Moreover, vehicle PCs are equipped with cellular connectivity, allowing the system to remotely upload vehicle data to the cloud and operators to monitor vehicles in real time.


    CAN Bus PC enables fleet management and tracking

    Why Should You Choose C&T In-vehicle Computers? 

    If you’re search for reliable, rugged in-vehicle computers, you should explore the wide variety of options that C&T has to offer. C&T offers a variety of computing solutions that are designed and ruggedly built to withstand the toughest vehicle deployments.

    Ruggedization of in-vehicle computers begins with a tough exterior that’s made from aluminum and other heavy duty metals, protecting the sensitive components inside the computer. Additionally, the case functions as a heatsink, dissipating the heat generated from internal components into the air surrounding the computer.

    Rugged vehicle computers utilize a fanless design that eliminates all vents and openings, reducing the amount of dust and other particles that can make their way into the computer. This creates a more reliable and durable computing solution, capable of surviving dust and debris filled vehicle environments.

    CAN Bus PC Built Rugged

    Furthermore, our in-vehicle computer offers unparalleled shock and vibration resistance thanks to the use of SSDs (solid state drives) instead of HDDs (hard disk drives). By equipping computers with SSDs instead of HDDs, our computers are more resistant to shock and vibration. This is so because SSDs store data on solid NAND flash chips that are more capable of handling exposure to shock and vibration than the spinning metals platters that are used in HDDs to store data. Additional shock and vibration resistance has been achieved via using a cableless design and the use of fewer joints and screws, reducing the number of parts that can fail. This makes the computer more reliable and durable in the face of shock and vibration.

    Also, rugged in-vehicle PCs come equipped with a wide temperature range, ranging from -45⁰C to 80⁰C. This permits these solutions to be deployed in a wide range of vehicles regardless of where the vehicles are deployed. This is so because C&T’s solutions can withstand exposure to extreme cold and heat, while providing reliable and optimal performance.

    CAN Bus PC provides plentiful I/O configurability

    Moreover, in-vehicle computers are equipped with rich connectivity, allowing organizations to connect in-vehicle computers to vehicle’s CAN Bus via CAN Bus ports, and other peripherals, sensors, and devices through USB Type-A ports and Serial COM ports. Our computer also comes with Gigabit Ethernet, allowing them to connect to an onboard Wi-Fi router or Local Area Connection. In addition to these ports, PCs come with Video Out ports, such as HDMI, DVI, and DP that allow them to display information onto an external monitor.

    One of the most important features that automotive computers come equipped with is Wireless connectivity technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6, Cellular, and Bluetooth Connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity provides great range, low latency, high speed connectivity. However, Wi-Fi connectivity is not always available, especially when the computers are deployed in moving vehicles, necessitating the need for cellular connectivity. For this reason, we have equipped our in-vehicle solutions with dual SIM sockets, allowing organizations to install up to two wireless cellular data providers, allowing the computer to remain connected to the internet even in the absence of wired and wireless internet connectivity. Dual SIM provides redundancy, so if one of the cellular carriers is not available, the system can be programmed to connect to a secondary carrier, keeping the system connected to the internet for remote monitoring and control.

    Rugged vehicle PC are compact in size, giving them a small footprint, enabling deployment in space-limited environments, such as under the passenger seat, in the trunk of a vehicle, or any other small space.

    Where Can You Buy Industrial Computers With CAN Bus?

    C&T has been designing and manufacturing industrial CAN Bus computers for over 30 years in the United States. C&T’s solutions are hardened to endure tough vehicle deployments in a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from road passenger vehicle to underground mining vehicles. So, if you’re searching for a CAN Bus PC, explore the wide variety of CAN Bus computers that C&T has to offer here. If you need assistance choosing a CAN Bus computing solution, please contact us, and of our embedded computing professionals will assist you with choosing a solution that meets your specific requirements. 

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