• 2NVMe-GPU (3)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (1)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (4)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (2)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (3)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (1)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (4)
    • 2NVMe-GPU (2)


    EBND-4NVME-GPU EDGEBoost Node With 4x 7mm U.2 NVMe, GPU Integrated

    • EDGEBoost Nodes are a modular solution for the edge computers that require additional 2.5" U.2 NVMe SSDs (7mm) and PCIe for GPU acceleration

    • EDGEBoost Node Designed for RCO-6000 Series Industrial Computers

    • NVMe Cannister Bricks: 4x Hot-Swappable 2.5" NVMe SSD (7 mm, U.2)

    • Mechanical push button for safe I/O suspension and anti-corruption of NVMe storage media

    • Separate wide power input for GPU (12-48VDC)

    • Modular design for maximum workload flexibility and performance

    • Configurable PCIe Expansion slot options available

    • Rugged and Durable for wide temperatures, shock and vibration, and wide-power inputs

    • Hot-swappable adaptive cooling fan for NVMe SSDs and GPU

    • Seamless Interoperability through high-speed PCIe protocols

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    • Overview
      EDGEBoost Nodes deliver an industrial-grade modular approach for accelerated computing performance at the rugged edge. When paired with C&T's flagship RCO-6000 Series industrial computer, EDGEBoost Nodes enable powerful real-time processing and high-speed NVMe storage performance purpose-built for resource-intensive machine learning and rugged edge AI workloads.
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