• ECO-1000_(6)-NoLCM
    • ECO-1000_(9)
    • ECO-1000_(7)
    • ECO-1000_(5)
    • ECO-1000_(6)-NoLCM
    • ECO-1000_(9)
    • ECO-1000_(7)
    • ECO-1000_(5)

    ECO-1000 (Coming soon!)

    Industrial Energy Pack System with 8x/16x High-Density Supercapacitor

    • 8x/16x 370 Farads Industrial Supercapacitor

    • Maximum up to 200W power output

    • 1x COM, 1x USB for GUI Remote Management

    • 2 IN / 2 OUT DIO

    • -25°C to 65°C extended operating temperature

    • EMC Conformity with EN50155, EN50121-3-2 Certification

    • Universal standalone power backup module compatible with all box-PCs & Panel PC

    • Ignition control mode for standard box-PC and in-vehicle controller

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    • Overview
      The ECO-1000 Series is a self-sustaining, industrial supercapacitors that provides power backup solution for your edge computers and other IIoT devices. The ECO-1000 Series allow energy redundancy against unexpected power outages when computers are deployed at a remote and mobile environment in the rugged edge.

      The ECO-1000 Series is an intelligent ruggedized supercapacitors that is programmable to match a specific power backup requirement based on the application’s specification. When there is a sudden power shutdown from the main power source, user can program the ECO-1000 right on the hardware itself using its display module to set the ECO-1000 to backup power to the computer for an extended period of time. This provides the computer enough time to safely stop running applications and execute a proper shutdown to avoid data corruption.
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