Home Q&A EDGEBoost Nodes
    • 1.What are EDGEBoost Nodes?

      EDGEBoost Nodes are modular hardware performance accelerators for C&T's RCO-6000 Series Industrial Computer. When paired together, EDGEBoost Nodes enable additional GPU and/or NVMe support, and PCIe/PCI expansion options for even greater performance at the rugged edge.
    • 2.Are EDGEBoost Nodes interchangeable with all RCO-6000 Series industrial computers?

      EDGEBoost Nodes are only compatible with RCO-6000-CFL, RCO-6000-CML Series and future RCO-6000 generations. Most EDGEBoost Nodes are interchangeable with these two series, aside from the SATA and 4NVME-H-1EXP nodes, which are exclusive to the RCO-6000-CML Series.
    • 3.Can I use the EDGEBoost Node for other branded industrial computers?

      No, EDGEBoost Nodes are specifically designed to be compatible with C&T’s RCO-6000-CFL and RCO-6000-CML Series industrial computers only.
    • 4.How do EDGEBoost Nodes work?

      EDGEBoost Nodes are connected to compatible RCO-6000 Series Industrial Computers through a PCIe riser card or SAS connector (depending on model). This allows the RCO-6000 Series to maximize PCIe faster throughput and better bandwidth for performance acceleration with a modular approach
    • 5.Do EDGEBoost Nodes support NVMe storage?

      Yes, specific EDGEboost Nodes support NVMe storage for real-time data processing and high-speed acquisition.
    • 6.What is an EDGEboost Databrick and how does it work with EDGEboost Nodes?

      NVMe-focused EDGEBoost Nodes contain 1-2 EDGEBoost DataBricks. These EDGEBoost Databricks are hot-swappable canisters that hold multiple hot-swappable NVMe U.2 drives (2.5” 7mm or 15mm). They offer a convenient, reliable, and streamlined data offloading process without the need for tools, as well as maximized high-speed storage capacity for enhanced data acquisition.
    • 7.Do EDGEBoost Nodes support a GPU? What about active cooling?

      Yes, specific GPU and PWR nodes, support a GPU for real-time AI inferencing and various computer vision applications. EDGEBoost Nodes that support GPUs also include a hot-swappable active cooling fan for thermal regulation and easy maintenance.  Only specific GPU models have been tested and validated to work with C&T EDGEboost Nodes; contact us to learn more about compatible GPUs.
    • 8.What are EDGEBoost Nodes that offer PCI/PCIe expansion slots used for?

      EDGEBoost Nodes with PCI/PCIe expansion slots can be utilized for various applications. High-speed network cards, video capture cards, and even GPUs are a few examples of how expansion slots are used.
    • 9.Can the EDGEBoost Node run complex edge AI algorithms?

      Specific EDGEBoost Nodes with GPU support, when paired with compatible RCO-6000 Series, are capable of processing edge AI models for real-time AI inferencing depending on the software for the application.
    • 10.Do EDGEBoost Nodes support redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID)?

      Specific EDGEBoost Nodes with NVMe and SATA Storage offer software or hardware RAID options for data redundancy and integrity; see datasheet for RAID level supported.
    • 11.When would an EDGEBoost Node be needed?

      Depending on the deployment and specifications, an EDGEBoost Node would be necessary to streamline edge AI inferencing and/or require high-capacity NVMe storage. Contact us to speak with one of our experts for the best configuration to meet your edge AI computing needs.
    • 12.Can EDGEboost Nodes be purchased separately?

      No, each EDGEboost Node can not be purchased separately and requires a C&T RCO-6000 Series industrial computer in order to operate. Contact us to speak with one of our experts for the best configuration to meet your edge AI computing needs.
    • 13.What are the benefits of using C&T's EDGEBoost Nodes technology in industrial edge AI operations?

      EDGEBoost Nodes offer a scalable, expandable, and flexible future-proof solution to industrial edge AI deployment operations. With capabilities for GPU and NVMe storage support, EDGEBoost Nodes offer a seamless performance upgrade with little maintenance required to effectively run edge AI models. Some other benefits include: Easy maintenance, Faster Time-to-Market, and a Portable Design.
    • 14.How does C&T's AI Edge Inference Computer work with the EDGEBoost Nodes to provide optimal low-latency, resiliency, and secure AI solutions?

      EDGEBoost Nodes follow the same design principles as AI Edge Inference Computers for optimized edge computing performance: ruggedized design with certifications (CE, FCC, UL) to operate reliably in harsh industrial conditions/environments, NVMe and GPU acceleration for real-time data processing/AI inferencing, & data security/integrity with RAID support.
    • 15.What are some key market examples of where EDGEBoost Node technology can be applied?

      Industrial Automation, Security & Surveillance, Intelligent Transportation, and similar rugged edge AI applications requiring machine vision are key market verticals where EDGEBoost Node technology excels.