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    TOP 4 Mounting Options for Panel PCs- Step by Step Installation

    When selecting a panel PC for any application, one of the critical considerations is how it will be installed. The right mounting option not only ensures the durability and functionality of the device but also enhances user interaction and integration into various environments. From industrial automation floors to modern office spaces, the choice of how a panel PC is mounted can profoundly impact its effectiveness and user experience. In this blog, we will explore the top four mounting options for panel PCs: Panel Mount, VESA Mount, Yoke Mount, and Open Frame Mount. Whether you are designing a new production line, setting up digital kiosks, or upgrading control panels, understanding these mounting options will help you make informed decisions for optimal setup and performance. 

    Panel Mount 
    This method involves integrating the panel PC into a cutout in a panel or enclosure, securing it from the front with clamps or screws. It’s widely used for embedded applications and creates a flush interface. 

    • Space-Saving: Panel mounts are embedded within equipment, freeing up surrounding space for other uses. 
    • Enhanced Durability: The flush mount provides protection against environmental hazards such as dust, water, and mechanical impacts. 
    • Aesthetic Integration: Offers a clean, streamlined look that integrates smoothly with the rest of the control panel or machinery interface. 
    • Secure Installation: Being mounted directly into a control panel reduces the risk of theft or tampering, as the hardware is less accessible for unauthorized removal. 
    Panel Mount Installation

    VESA Mount 
    VESA mounts comply with standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs. This mounting style is versatile, allowing panel PCs to be attached to various supports like arms, wall brackets, or desk stands. 
    • Versatility: VESA mounts can be used with a variety of stands, arms, or wall brackets, offering flexibility in how and where the panel PC can be positioned. 
    • Adjustability: Many VESA mount systems allow for adjustments in height, angle, and rotation, providing optimal viewing angles and ergonomic positioning. 
    • Space Efficiency: By enabling devices to be mounted on walls or arms, VESA mounts can significantly save desk and floor space. 
    • Ease of Installation: The standardized mounting pattern simplifies the process of matching a panel PC with a mounting system, ensuring a quick and secure installation. 

    VESA Mount Installation
    Yoke Mount  
    Yoke mounting involves a handle or yoke attached to the panel PC, facilitating tilt and rotation. This type of mount is often used in marine applications, aviation, or industrial environments where viewing angles need frequent adjustment. 

    • Flexibility: Yoke mounts offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing the panel PC to be tilted, swiveled, or rotated to accommodate different viewing angles and user positions. 
    • Stability: Despite the adjustable nature, yoke mounts provide a stable and secure platform for panel PCs, preventing movement during touchscreen use or in environments with vibrations. 
    • Ergonomic Benefits: The adjustability helps in maintaining ergonomic comfort for users, reducing neck and eye strain by allowing the screen to be positioned at the best angle and height. 
    • Durability: Typically made from robust materials, yoke mounts are designed to withstand rigorous use, making them suitable for industrial and commercial environments. 
    Yoke Mount Installation

    Open Frame Mount 
    An open frame mount is a type of mounting system used to integrate panel PCs and other display devices directly into custom enclosures or kiosks. Unlike fully enclosed solutions, open frame mounts consist of the bare display without a traditional front bezel, allowing for seamless integration into an existing design or structure. This mount exposes the sides and back of the display, making it easy to fit into custom enclosures. 

    • Seamless Integration: Open frame mounts are designed for easy incorporation into custom housings, blending smoothly with the design aesthetics of the equipment or furniture. 
    • Customization: They offer high levels of customization, as manufacturers can design enclosures that specifically cater to their operational needs or aesthetic preferences. 
    • Space Efficiency: By eliminating the bezel and utilizing a compact design, open frame mounts can be installed in spaces where every millimeter counts. 
    • Cost-Effective: Often more economical than fully enclosed systems, open frame mounts reduce material usage and focus on essential components. 
    Open Frame Mount Installation

    Versatility in Mounting: C&T Panel PCs Adapt to Your Needs 
    C&T Panel PCs are designed with versatility in mind, supporting all four major mounting options: Panel Mount, VESA Mount, Yoke Mount, and Open Frame Mount. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the application or environment, food and beverage, a dynamic medical facility, a bustling retail space, or specialized equipment, there is a C&T solution ready to integrate seamlessly. 
    SIO-200 Series Stainless Panel PC

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